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TVNZ Media Coverage 2nd September 2011:

I have pasted below a link to an interesting interview on TVNZ this morning, about the reality that is the skills gap in Christchurch and Canterbury. 

Building a whole new city is a challenge New Zealand has never faced before.  Of particular relevance to many of you I know read this blog, is the focus placed on attracting skilled migrants from outside New Zealand, into the region.  More so now than ever before.

A few points covered off include;

  • Where can they source skilled people from? 
  • How big is this opportunity for the short and long term development of the region?
  • What kinds of professions are needed immediately and for the future?

Watch the Canterbury Employment and Skills Board speak with TVNZ Breakfast News on the link below:



  1. Interesting video. Any websites for job openings in Canterbury or Christchurch, NZ that you are familiar with?

  2. Suresh said:

    What is the skills shortages/ required skills in CHCH area

    • Paul Goddard said:

      Hi Suresh,
      There are various skills needed in the Christchurch region and NZ immigration has also put together a list of the following occupations.
      Building Inspector
      Construction Project Manager
      Project Builder
      Quantity Surveyor
      Surveying Technician
      Urban and Regional planner
      Civil Engineering Draughftsperson
      Civil Engineering Technician
      Electrical Engineer
      Structural Engineer
      Telecommunications engineer
      Electrical line mechanic

      There are many other occupations that are not on this list as it is related to the rebuild of the city. Hope this helps


  3. Hi,my name is Abel.I am originally from Zimbabwe but I am currently residing in Botswana.I am an electrician and completed my apprenticeship in 1998 and have worked as an electrician since then.What I need to know is why is it so difficult and expensive for us overseas based people to get visas(sponsored and independent) if,as you say,there is a critical skills shortage in NZ and Australia?

    • Paul Goddard said:

      Hi Abel,
      getting visas isn’t simple even if your skills are in demand. In your industry as well as the visas you also need occupational registration so there are a number of steps involved in the process. Having a plan of action and support can make the process less complicated.


  4. David said:

    Do they need Quantity Surveyor in NZ?

    • Paul Goddard said:

      Hi David,
      yes as a Quantity Surveyor you may have options for making a move to New Zealand


  5. Kuni Garkuwa Gizaki said:

    I am Nigerian and a Civil Engineer by Profession. I want to know if I can fit in into the Professionals the CHRISTCHURCH is looking for as migrant workers.

    Thanks and best regards,
    Mr. Gizaki

    • Paul Goddard said:

      Hi Mr Gizaki,
      Christchurch will need civil engineers and there are civil engineers applying for jobs in New Zealand from all over the world. If you meet immigration criteria, have excellent communication skills and can secure a job offer then you may have options to migrate here. Of course you need to clarify that you meet immigration criteria before you apply for jobs.


  6. peter said:

    what dose it takes for one migrate to new zealand?

    what are the amount of those it need to migrate?

    what types of jobs can be available for migrantes?

    what skills one need to migrate, and levels of education?

    thanks am peter residing in doha

    • Paul Goddard said:

      Hi Peter,
      thanks for this. To be honest there is no simple or short answer to the questions you have asked. Through years of working in this industry those questions are the ones I am most frequently asked and it all depends on you and your circumstances. Every move is different. The first step in the immigration process should be to get the answers to those questions as they relate to you and your plans. Check out my next blog to see how you can do this.


  7. Huberto Vargas said:

    Settling residence in New Zealand has been a life-long dream for me. I feel enticed by pretty much everything (fauna, culture, the Maori Language etc) about this nation. Unfortunately, here my working experience and skills are somewhat undervalued and have rendered me meagre gains, which provides another reason for me to want to move in to New Zealand, where I intend on enhancing my skills and at the same time help the country grow. I’m currently working as a social worker and hold a bachelor’s degree in linguistics and have great knowledge of I.T. The latter is actually the skill I wish to put to use whilst working in NZ. What are my chances like of getting a job? How can I get started?

    Looking forward to a reply,

    Huberto Vargas

    • Paul Goddard said:

      Hi Huberto,
      thanks very much for your comment and it is great to see you have also thought about the culture here in New Zealand. It is very important when migrating to another country to understand and at least appreciate that there is a culture that may be different from the one you are used to. It’s all about fitting it. The skills you have mentioned are needed in New Zealand but making a move here involves far more than sending off CV’s to employers. I will explain the steps anyone can take in my next Blog tomorrow. Hope it helps


  8. What should I do to apply?

  9. chinni said:


  10. Kuni Garkuwa Gizaki said:

    Please I would like you if possible to spell out to me what are the migration criteria.

    Thanks and best regards,
    Mr. Gizaki

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