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The lifestyle

Canada is a land of diversity. With two official languages, everything from road signs to cereal boxes talk to you in both English and French. Sure, we import a bit of American culture. But we also take a lot from our European history, from our keen sense of irony to our parliamentary democracy. With a flourishing new-migrant community and a proud Inuit culture, Canadians are both cosmopolitan and open minded; urban and outdoorsy.

With roughly the same area as the USA but only 10% of the American population, there is a lot of space to go round. And what space! This is a place with over 30,000 lakes! Add to that the mountains, oceans and and forests, and it’s little wonder that Canadians love the great outdoors, just as much as their famous film festivals and thriving cities. There aren’t many places in the world where you can spend the day at work, get in a few runs on a ski field, and then catch an evening show.

The work scene

Canada, like most countries, is still in recovery from the global credit over-run which peaked in 2010. However, there are good grounds for cautious optimism. Unemployment is hovering at about 7.2% – about the same as the OECD average, and the OECD predicts a reduction in unemployment over the next 12 months. In the year since January 2015, employment has increased by 0.7%, which is about 126,000 jobs. Long term unemployment is one of the lowest in the OECD.

Most new jobs in the last year have been in healthcare and social services (4%), which has been attributed to Canada’s ageing population. Professional, scientific and technical services grew by 2.9%., while jobs in financial services, insurance and real estate grew by 1.7%.

So, if variety is the spice of life, Canada must be the tastiest place on Earth. Click here to find out what it takes to come and work, play and live like a local.


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