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What is FIFO?

Fly in Fly Out – or FIFO as it is more commonly referred to – is a method of employing people for remote country locations which is very commonly used in Western Australia. As an alternative to relocating entire families to often remote locations, the employee is flown to the work site for a number of days, and then flown home again.


Employers prefer their workers to be FIFO as the cost of transporting employees to site is far less than it would be to build, maintain and develop long term communities. Employees may prefer the FIFO opportunity as their families are often reluctant to relocate to small towns in remote areas.

What should I expect?

Mine Workers in Bengalla

Mine Workers in Australia

Rosters dictate how long you are on site, and how long you are home. Most rosters offered are 4 weeks on site and 1 week at home – 4:1 however these rosters vary depending on the project and the site.

Usually a FIFO position involves working a shift of 10 hours each day for a number of continuous days. When on site, you will be supplied with all meals, accommodation, house-keeping – some camps also offer swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms, cable TV and unlimited internet as a way of attracting and retaining skilled staff.

Read on for more on what’s driving the industry here in Australia and how you can get your FIFO job:


Could Australian heavy construction projects be the opportunity you are looking for?

Newman Hub Conveyors

Conveyors at the Newman Hub processing centre

Australia currently has tremendous job opportunities on some the biggest heavy construction projects wordlwide.

Within the construction industry the term “heavy” refers to items produced such as iron ore, coal, oil and gas etc. Owners of heavy construction projects are usually large, for-profit, industrial corporations. These corporations can be found in such industries as Infrastructure, power transmission and distribution, metallurgical and material handling, oil and gas, chemical, power generation, mineral processing etc.

Heavy construction projects require a team of qualified individuals to ensure successful project completion. Specifically, in the fields of mechanical and structural engineering, project management, construction management, quality surveying, Health Safety & Environmental and quality assurance management. In Australia majority of heavy construction projects are located in regional areas ‘outback Australia’ therefore, fly in and fly out (FIFO) rosters have been adopted as a method of employment.

Read on for details on some of the biggest current projects here in Australia:

Skill shortages in Oz & NZ

Hi again!

Great to see so many of you (9,210 altogether!) visiting us at our Opportunities Overseas Expos in London and Manchester last month, and at our Energy, Mining & Engineering expo in Aberdeen. There’s lots of great talent out there, and many of you who came along are now going through the recruitment process and getting ready for the next exciting step of your journey.

Next up, we’ll be bringing employers from NZ, Australia and Peru to Canada for the Energy, Mining & Engineering International Jobs Expo in May, so what better time to look at the areas of skill shortage, and find out just who’s in demand at the moment.

The Aussie mining boom
Everyone’s heard about the mining boom in Aussie, so it’s no surprise to find that main areas of skill shortage are connected to the mining and oil & gas sector. With a whopping US$229 billion (AU$232 billion) of committed gas projects in the pipeline, Australia has a critical shortage of experienced engineers, tradespeople and construction workers to staff up its raft of mega projects.

Calling all Senior Engineers!
Engineering shortages are biting especially hard, as major mining projects, including the massive AU$43 billion Gorgon project, exhaust the local labour supply. Australia’s national engineering body, Engineers Australia, has predicted that the country’s engineering workforce will need to double just to keep pace with the rapid development, so if you have engineering skills – especially at a senior level – you’ll be very much in demand!

Some of the roles that Aussie employers are recruiting for in Canada include well, reservoir & petroleum engineers; principal, civil, mechanical & process engineers; drilling supervisors; hydrologists; project directors and managers; health & safety managers and engineering managers.

Other energy/infrastructure specialists in demand include transmission line practitioners, waste water and water planning engineers,  site supervisors, environmental advisors and senior planners

Skill shortages in New Zealand
In New Zealand, the skills shortages may not be quite as intense, but the country’s growing energy sector is still short of skilled professionals, with mining specialists, engineers and geologists high on the list of those most in demand. The Christchurch rebuild is also putting the squeeze on the labour market, with engineers and skilled trades already in demand – a shortfall of up to 30,000 workers has already been forecast during the 10-20 year rebuild period.

Some of the roles that NZ employers are recruiting for at the Canada expos include mining, petroleum, geotechnical & field engineers; technical services and production superintendents; and exploration & mine geologists. Within the energy/power sector, there are roles for project engineers & managers, power system analysts, electrical network engineers, electricity asset managers, engineering analysts and substation design engineers.

Come & see us in Canada
So, if you’re in Canada, and you’re working in the oil & gas, energy, engineering or infrastructure sectors, come along and check out the jobs available in Oz & NZ (we’ll also have some jobs in Peru – again, mining-related roles including heavy diesel mechanics and truck operators!). 

We’ll be touching down in the three Canadian cities in 2012: Calgary (5-6 May) at the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre; Vancouver (9 May) at the Hyatt Regency and Edmonton (12-13 May) at the Mayfield Inn & Suites.

Where to book
You can find out more about companies attending and the roles being recruited for at:


Hope to see you there!

Moving countries? Why should you go to a job expo?

Hi – and hello 2012! Fresh start to a fresh year and, if you’re still serious about moving country, now is the time to put those job hunting plans into action!

If you’re in the UK or Europe, getting a job sorted from the other side of the globe can seem like something for the ‘too hard’ basket but these days, if you can’t go to the employers, the good news is, they can come to you!

Finding a job – the easy way!

Finding a job at the Opportunities Overseas ExpoWorking In is holding its first migration and job expos for the year in London (this weekend, 24-25 March), Aberdeen
(28 March) and Manchester
(31 March-1 April),
and we’ll have dozens of employers flying in from New Zealand, Canada and Australia. The big bonus is that meeting potential employers face to face gives you a huge advantage in the job hunting process, and because you don’t have to leave the country, even better!

Why meet employers in person?

  • You have an unbeatable opportunity to sell your best asset – yourself! – up close and personal.
  • You can tell pretty much straight away if there’s a good fit between you both, and whether or not you’ll fit in with the company culture and philosophy.
  • If you plan your day properly, and do some research on the roles being recruited, you have the advantage of checking out not just one, but hundreds of employment opportunities – all under the same roof!
  • It’s an invaluable opportunity to network and build contacts. Make sure you prepare hard copies of your up-to-date CV to hand out to employers and, if possible, bring along a copy on a memory stick.
  • If it leads to a job or a job offer, then you’ve already smoothed the pathway for your visa application and increased your chances of being accepted.

Do your research on the jobs available!

A word of advice, before you go, save yourself time and do some research on the roles each company is offering. Getting the right match between your work experience and the jobs on offer is vital.

You can see what skills employers are looking to fill by clicking on the company logos on the Canada, NZ  and Australia pages.

Feeling inspired? Then get along and get that job!

BOOK NOW for Opportunities Australia: London, Aberdeen & Manchester
BOOK NOW  for Opportunities Canada: London, Aberdeen & Manchester.
BOOK NOW  for Opportunities New Zealand: London, Aberdeen & Manchester.

See you there!

Rugby World Cup Fever

When I first moved to New Zealand I actually knew very little about Rugby. I just didn’t get it. Didn’t understand the rules or how the scoring worked. If you ask me now what the backs do and who is in the All Blacks I can give you a complete breakdown. I wasn’t really into sport in the UK but living over here has changed that for me. Those of you who have been to our expos will have seen me proudly wearing my signed All Blacks shirt and winding up our Australian exhibitors when the All Blacks have beaten them again.

This weekend we will hopefully see a repeat of this when the All Blacks beat Australia in the final of the Tri Nations cup. It’s a massive event when these sides meet but even more important with the Rugby World cup just a few weeks away. It’s the first time the event has been held in New Zealand and the country is all ready in rugby overdrive (some people its fair to say are completely over it)

So why am I talking about Rugby on this emigration blog?

As most of you know we hold expos all over the world for people wanting to emigrate to New Zealand, Australia or Canada and the Rugby in New Zealand is a great opportunity to find out more about what it is like to live here so we have an event in New Zealand for those of you visiting for the games.

We have put on an evening so you can get all the insider info you need and this is going to be held in Auckland near our famous waterside Viaduct on 12th October. You will enjoy a taste of New Zealand culture and food as well as hear from guest celebrity speakers and make some useful business contacts.

Entrance is free and we would love to see you there. Spaces are limited so reserve your spot now by emailing emma.grate@workingin.com (clever eh)

Here is some more useful information for those of you who are making the trip


If you are ever in New Zealand and want to pop into our main office then don’t hesitate. We are in the CBD in Auckland so just email me and I’ll take you out for a coffee and a chat. I’ll tell you great stories about how New Zealand beat Australia in the rugby world cup final and might even talk a bit about your plans for emigrating.

Sorry you can see I’m a bit rugby obsessed at the moment but it is part of life over these side of the world and something I have learned to appreciate which I never would if I’d stayed in the UK.  Emigrating is all about new experiences and nine years into my move I am learning new things every day.

Next blog will be over to Jenny and back onto immigration topics that will interest all of you.  It’s been great getting your comments to our recent blogs and so for a bit of fun take part in our poll below

Where have we been?

Hi Everyone,

sorry it has been so long since our last post but as you know we were over in the UK at our Expos in Leeds and London and the interest was even higher than expected. Over 5000 people attended and we were flat out busy. Jenny and I are now back safely in the New Zealand office (well, actually Jenny is taking a well deserved break in Fiji) and I just wanted to let you know how things have moved on already for some of the people we met at the expo.

The employers and recruiters who flew over from Australia and New Zealand were all really pleased with the quality of the people they met in the UK. Many have already offered jobs to the people they met who are ready to move and they are busy following up on the hundreds of others whose skills are needed.

The key thing to remember here is that when you come to an expo the exhibitors will be talking to a lot of people and they will be focusing very closely on those people who are ready to make the move. Coming to the expos and being able to show how committed you are will put you ahead of the others who are researching the move. Although employers and recruiters have flown thousands of miles to meet you they are still looking for the best quality people who are committed to making the move.

Of course we have lots of people who come along to the expos because they are researching the move and they want to know the best way to proceed. I personally met thousands of people who attended our working in seminars on Australia and New Zealand and hopefully got to speak to most of you. If you are not sure of the best way for you and your family to migrate then the best thing to do at the expo is sign up for our migration map and hundreds of people did this and we are now busy having consultations with these people giving them all the information they need to be able to proceed and that information is tailored to them and their circumstances.

Of course it’s not all work and it was good to spend some time in Leeds as I hadn’t been there in years and any down time in London is always fun. There is a lot of meeting and mingling with all the exhibitors at these events and this is where we have a unique position compared to other immigration companies. Not only do we organise the expos but we also exhibit at them and build relationships with all the other exhibitors and are in constant touch with them making those relationships work for our visa clients.

So if you did come along to the expo I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment. We are already getting busy organising our Canadian, South Africa and next round of UK expos due to take place in November.

I’ll be giving you some insider tips on how to make the most of the expo and even running some competitions so you can win some free tickets so do interact with us on this blog and we will respond to all comments.

We aim to blog more frequently (well when Jen gets back from FIJI, can you tell I’m jealous) so do keep checking in and tell your friends.

For those of you looking for jobs in New Zealand or Australia here are some handy tips to help you on your way.

A Positive attitude – You need to come across to employers as committed to the move with an upbeat positive flexible attitude. If you can also show commitment to the move by visits you have made to Australia or New Zealand or show engagement with a company such as workingin visas this can also add to your appeal

A Good CV – It is very important to have your CV formatted in a way that suits the employers. This could be very different to how you currently format your CV. Grammar and spelling is crucial and your CV should be tailored to each application

Understand your potential employer – Read the job description carefully. What are they looking for? Who are they and what do they do? You need to do as much research as possible before applying

Be Proactive – Follow up your job applications with phone calls as well as emails. Phone calls show motivation and are the best way to make contact. Keep track of your applications and even follow up the rejections with a request for feedback.

Know your timeframes – This is essential. Do not apply for jobs unless you are able to move. Some employers will wait months but most will want you to start work ASAP.

Leave your comments we want to hear from you

Ka Kite (bye for now)

Paul Goddard

IAA license 201001948

Interest in emigrating is still high

I am now getting used to being back in the UK and it looks like we have bought the sun with us from New Zealand. The expos went really well and were very busy. It was great to meet such a wide range of people and see that the interest in emigrating is very strong. Apparently around 50% of people consider moving to a different country at some point in their life. For most people it’s not an easy decision and it takes a lot of research and the expo was great for getting information. A lot of people I met were totally committed to making the move but were unsure of how to proceed. It was great to be able to help them take that first step to a new life and it reminded me of how I felt when we first commited to making the move. It’s exciting and scary but also helps focus your plans to make the move successful.
Looking forward to seeing a bit of London later on today while the sun is shining. Have to buy something for my wife and children so a call into the shopping centre in Hammersmith might be on the cards. I had to remember it was mothers day yesterday as we have a different date in New Zealand so my parents are lucky they as they get two days per year.
Will update you with another blog before I get on the train to Manchester. If you are interested in coming along and meeting us you can book here http://www.expo-newzealand.com

See you soon

Paul Goddard

Hello London

Well here is my first blog of the trip to the UK for our expos. The flight over was incident free and I managed to watch six films and every episode of top gear (no I can’t sleep on planes). Arrived in London yesterday and it’s not as cold as I thought it was going to be. We are all really busy getting ready for the expos and it seems NZ immigration have been busy as well as they have just announced a new retirement visa. There has been talk of this for a while now and it’s great to see it has finally happened. There is criteria to meet and we will be giving more info in our next newsletter. This is the second new visa category announced this month and the skills shortages in NZ and job vacancies are increasing. Do come along and meet me at the expo in London and Manchester EXPO it will be great to see you and I’m looking forward to giving some advice on how to secure a Job offer in NZ. I am just finalizing my presentation and I promise to make it as interesting as possible. I know a lot of people want to get as much information as possible when they commit to emigrating and we are making ourselves available for one to one consultations during the week so if you want to meet us to discuss your move please do let me know.
Well I’m going to sign off now and will blog again as soon as I can. Apologies for any typos but I have found the best Internet access is round the corner from our hotel so I am blogging from my iPod! What would we do without broadband eh?

Ka kite (bye for now)


Leaving behind the sunshine!

Wow what a summer we have had in New Zealand this year. It just seems to be going on forever. I was chatting to my kiwi neighbours this evening and they said it is one of the best summers they can remember from recent years but also what the kiwi summer is like without the ill nino effect.  As I live on what is termed a “lifestyle section” (House with enough land to keep animals) our water is collected from the roof and the dry spell has meant that I have had to take water from a natural underground spring to fill our water tank. Cool eh , free natural spring water, maybe I should bottle it and bring some over to the UK with me next week.

We only have three animals on our lifestyle section, two dogs and a goat. We did bring two spaniels over with us from the UK but unfortunately they have passed on and we now own two hungarian Pulis. You can see Marley in the photo below,

 Like most people who first move abroad we started off by renting a property and this makes sense especially when you don’t know the areas well or may not even be sure of where you will finally settle. Unlike most people we did buy a property within 1 month of arriving in the country and in hindsight this did put us under a lot of financial pressure. If you buy in the right area at the right time though things can OK and luckily with the three properties we have owned in NZ over the last 7 years we have chosen wisely. Our home is important to us although a would call it a life sentence property with all the work that constantly needs doing to maintain the property and keep the animals fenced in. We love it and it is a lifestyle that we enjoy although when we first moved to NZ we were convinced we wanted to live by the beach!

Anyhow, I am now about to leave all this behind to spend two weeks in the UK. I will be using skype to keep in touch with the family and keeping my fingers crossed that the nice weather will still be around when I arrive back in NZ.

K a Kite

Paul Goddard

P.S check out my blogs while I am away as I will try and update it on a regular basis.

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