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Lining up to help rebuild Christchurch

Our Opportunities Overseas Expo UK and Ireland November 2012 roadshow is on the road!

Last weekend we were in London where hundreds of people attended, looking for their new job – and for some, their chance to rebuild Christchurch, New Zealand.

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Check out 3 News’ report of the busy expo.

We’ll be in Dublin (13 November) and Aberdeen (15 November), before finishing up in Manchester (17-18 November) – hope to see you there!

“I’m skilled and want to move country – what next?”

Plane flying over green grass against a blue backgroundHere, Caren, one of Working In’s migration consultants, recounts a real-life story as experienced by a colleague in the office as they planned their journey from the UK to New Zealand. See if you can use any of their helpful hints in planning your own move:

“We knew we wanted to move from the UK, but where to was the big question! So we decided to buy a round-the-world ticket and took ourselves off to Australia and New Zealand on a six-week ‘look-see’ holiday. This ticket allowed us to fly to several cities in both countries. We very quickly came to decide on New Zealand as we loved both the lifestyle it could offer us and the culture of the people. In fact, it felt very similar to what we were used to.

The first sign that we were really serious about this was when I walked into WH Smith and bought a book on New Zealand. After reading it cover to cover, we targeted a few areas that looked interesting.

Having done extensive homework prior to getting on the plane, we knew exactly what we wanted to see and check out for ourselves. We had shortlisted a few cities in New Zealand, and even done our homework with regards to the best schools and suburbs in those cities. This allowed us to drive past these schools and drive around these suburbs during our fleeting visit. We picked up as many real estate magazines as we could and soon the Property Press became the most read magazine in our house! We even went through a few open homes to get an understanding of what we could and couldn’t afford. When we visited a town/city on our shortlist, we made sure that we stayed for a few days, interacted with the locals and spent many hours picnicking at the local parks and beaches. This gave us a small taste of the culture and types of people in the town.

We were lucky enough to have friends in New Zealand who were able to give us their feelings and experiences about life in New Zealand. They also gave us an up to date household budget so that we could effectively compare it to how we lived at home. This gave us a good indication that our quality of life would significantly improve in New Zealand, as we would be in a position to afford a bigger home, live near good schools and have the means to enjoy life.

When we got back home, we had a renewed desire and determination to get our relocation underway. We put our house on the market, told our friends and family and started our immigration application process. We were lucky enough to have an occupation on the Long Term Skills Shortage List and could apply for residence without a job offer. Many friends thought that moving to a strange country on the other side of the world without a job offer was completely mad! But we never waivered from our plans and pushed on regardless.

We also spent a day in London at an expo called Opportunities New Zealand [what our early Opportunities Overseas Expos were called]. We were surprised by how many other people (like us) were on the same mission! This was an amazing experience as we managed to find a lot of information all under one roof.

I bought a book called ‘Where to Live in Auckland’ at the expo, which turned out to be one of the best buys regarding New Zealand. It became like my ‘New Zealand bible’ as it describes everything there is to know about each suburb, including who lives there, what schools are in the suburb, what the median price is for houses, what streets you want to avoid, etc. – invaluable if you are thinking of living in Auckland! If anything, the most we got out of our trip to London was that we were not alone on this quest to find a better life.”

Fuelling your career abroad

Close up of flames on a black background

Fuel your energy, mining or engineering career by meeting overseas employers

Open any newspaper (or more likely these days, browse online via your favourite Apple device) and you’ll see the energy, mining and engineering industries are booming around the world. Fuelled by global demand for resources; government investment in infrastructure; or – in the very specific case of Christchurch, New Zealand – an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rebuild a city, these industries are thriving.

Yet they’re also suffering from acute skill shortages, due in part to an ageing workforce beginning its downshift to retirement or a lack of students being enticed to train. Increasingly, those countries affected – such as Australia, Canada and New Zealand – are looking overseas to fill these skill gaps. Internationally recognised qualifications coupled with world-class experience means employers from these countries are keen to meet skilled professionals from overseas.

Explore your overseas opportunities

This November, you can meet a range of energy, mining and engineering industry employers at the Opportunities Overseas Expos in South Africa (Johannesburg) plus the UK and Ireland (London, Dublin, Aberdeen and Manchester).

You could meet Cameco. They’re a leading uranium producer from Canada who’ll be at the Jo’burg expo, looking to recruit construction managers (mining), senior metallurgists, senior project managers and senior engineers. EMS Recruitment and the Present Group from Australia will also be in Jo’burg, seeking senior mining engineers and head geotechnical engineers, amongst other roles.

Brierty Contractors from Australia will be in London and Manchester searching for civil project engineers and managers and quantity surveyors, plus more.

New Zealand opportunities include OMV New Zealand – a leading oil and gas producer based in the beautiful Taranaki region – who’ll be visiting London and Aberdeen. There’s also Truck Investments Group in Dublin and Manchester, looking for ready mixed concrete delivery drivers and heavy goods vehicle mechanics, amongst others.

Finally, if you’d like to be part of the Christchurch rebuild, come along and meet representatives from the Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team. Leading multi-national companies Beca, Downer and Opus will be in London, Manchester and Dublin offering engineering and construction roles in Christchurch and throughout New Zealand.

Find out more

More job roles and further details of the industries represented at the Opportunities Overseas Expos, plus event dates and locations, can be found at Working In Events.

Skill shortages in Oz & NZ

Hi again!

Great to see so many of you (9,210 altogether!) visiting us at our Opportunities Overseas Expos in London and Manchester last month, and at our Energy, Mining & Engineering expo in Aberdeen. There’s lots of great talent out there, and many of you who came along are now going through the recruitment process and getting ready for the next exciting step of your journey.

Next up, we’ll be bringing employers from NZ, Australia and Peru to Canada for the Energy, Mining & Engineering International Jobs Expo in May, so what better time to look at the areas of skill shortage, and find out just who’s in demand at the moment.

The Aussie mining boom
Everyone’s heard about the mining boom in Aussie, so it’s no surprise to find that main areas of skill shortage are connected to the mining and oil & gas sector. With a whopping US$229 billion (AU$232 billion) of committed gas projects in the pipeline, Australia has a critical shortage of experienced engineers, tradespeople and construction workers to staff up its raft of mega projects.

Calling all Senior Engineers!
Engineering shortages are biting especially hard, as major mining projects, including the massive AU$43 billion Gorgon project, exhaust the local labour supply. Australia’s national engineering body, Engineers Australia, has predicted that the country’s engineering workforce will need to double just to keep pace with the rapid development, so if you have engineering skills – especially at a senior level – you’ll be very much in demand!

Some of the roles that Aussie employers are recruiting for in Canada include well, reservoir & petroleum engineers; principal, civil, mechanical & process engineers; drilling supervisors; hydrologists; project directors and managers; health & safety managers and engineering managers.

Other energy/infrastructure specialists in demand include transmission line practitioners, waste water and water planning engineers,  site supervisors, environmental advisors and senior planners

Skill shortages in New Zealand
In New Zealand, the skills shortages may not be quite as intense, but the country’s growing energy sector is still short of skilled professionals, with mining specialists, engineers and geologists high on the list of those most in demand. The Christchurch rebuild is also putting the squeeze on the labour market, with engineers and skilled trades already in demand – a shortfall of up to 30,000 workers has already been forecast during the 10-20 year rebuild period.

Some of the roles that NZ employers are recruiting for at the Canada expos include mining, petroleum, geotechnical & field engineers; technical services and production superintendents; and exploration & mine geologists. Within the energy/power sector, there are roles for project engineers & managers, power system analysts, electrical network engineers, electricity asset managers, engineering analysts and substation design engineers.

Come & see us in Canada
So, if you’re in Canada, and you’re working in the oil & gas, energy, engineering or infrastructure sectors, come along and check out the jobs available in Oz & NZ (we’ll also have some jobs in Peru – again, mining-related roles including heavy diesel mechanics and truck operators!). 

We’ll be touching down in the three Canadian cities in 2012: Calgary (5-6 May) at the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre; Vancouver (9 May) at the Hyatt Regency and Edmonton (12-13 May) at the Mayfield Inn & Suites.

Where to book
You can find out more about companies attending and the roles being recruited for at:


Hope to see you there!

Meeting People is Easy

We have been in the UK for a week now and have met thousands of people at our expos and seminars in Manchester and Newcastle. I have been coming over to the UK for the past four years and I can say that there seems to be a change in peoples motivations for making a move to New Zealand or Australia. With the recovery from recession seeming to stall in the UK people who may have been postponing their emigration plans in hope of an improvement in the housing market or exchange rate now seem resigned to the fact that they may need to wait years for any improvements.
When you factor in the improving NZ economy and buoyant Australian outlook any gains in exchange rates may be wiped off by rising house prices in the country you are moving to.

It’s all swings and roundabouts

99% of the people I have met so far have asked me one question

“I want to emigrate and have done some research but I just need to know what to do next?”

Planning the move is essential but how can you make plans if you are unsure of where to begin or what steps and timeframes are involved ?

The answer is simple

Find out exactly what your visa options are, your job prospects in your chosen country, how long it will take you to make the move and what costs are involved.

That is a lot of information to gather and every persons move is different and this is where people get stuck. I see some if the same faces at our expos and seminars year after year and these people ask me the same question because they are going round and round in circles trying to figure out what to do and being distracted by the mountain of information that is on the Internet.

If you want to emigrate leave me a comment and I will let you know exactly what to do so you can start on your journey.

Well I am writing this while on the train journey down to Birmingham for our next seminar and from there it’s onto London for our next expo in London which is going to be massive!
If you are coming along by all means ask me the question and I will tell you the answer. If you want to make the move just be willing to listen.

Ka Kite ( bye for now )

Paul Goddard

Flying 12000 miles

Well it’s late on a Sunday night here in NZ and I am writing this blog on my iPod so please excuse the spelling. I am just about to take the 24hour flight from New Zealand to the UK for our expos and seminars. It’s been a busy week and we now have over 400 live jobs that we will be bringing to the UK with us from NZ and 100 s more waiting back in NZ. If you are coming along make sure you speak to Jenny who is our international employment facilitator who assists people with our journey to work service. For those of you who have been to other Expos and felt you got lots of information but left the event with more questions than you started with our expos and seminars are different. If you come along to the working in visa stand you will get an overview of the immigration process and be able to speak directly with licensed advisors who have helped hundreds of people make the move to New Zealand and Australia. Get the insight from people who have actually made the move and settled successfully. If you are serious about migrating check out http://www.expo-newzealand.com
I will also be posting a daily video blog on our facebook page for behind the scenes footage and some insight into why we do what we do. Watch and you may be surprised. Follow us on facebook via http://www.workingin.com
On a personal note it has been a tough weekend where we had to put one if our dogs down after a long term skin condition. We have a beautiful house in NZ with a large garden that he loved racing around and barking at the horses and various birds that flew into his territory. We originally shipped two dogs from the UK to NZ and they have both now passed on but Winston was our first kiwi dog. So my thoughts are with my family and also with those of you who want to make this life changing journey no matter how hard it can be sometimes. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.

See you in the UK soon

Paul Goddard

I’m Back

Sorry it has been so long since I posted a blog. I have been sooo busy and can’t believe I have now been at workingin for almost six months and am about to fly out to the UK for our next round of expos and seminars. There is so much going on that I don’t know where to start. The Australian immigration system is going through a bit of an overhaul and with the economy there doing so well they are moving to a system that attracts the skilled people that the country needs. The unemployment rate in Australia has just dropped to 5.2 and that means the skills shortages are about to increase.

In New Zealand things are also looking positive. Although, unlike Australia we did go into recession here, the economy is showing good signs of a strong recovery. The  interest rate has just risen and other indicators such as an increase in car sales, growth in engineering and manufacturing and also 22,000 new job vacancies being listed in May is all positive news.

I have been really busy talking to people who want to make the move out to NZ and helping make that move a reality. I’ve also been busy talking to employers and other people in the migration sector and we have some really exciting things going on www.workingin-visa.com now have one of the largest and most experienced teams of licensed immigration advisors in the industry and people who want to migrate are really seeing the benefit of what we can offer. Sorry I know I’m blowing my own trumpet here but after 5 years working in the immigration industry I am so excited about what we are doing.

Another thing I am really looking forward to is our next series of expos and seminars in the UK. We are in London and Manchester but also holding seminars in Birmingham and Newcastle where you can come along and meet me and find out exactly what it is like to make the move and how you can do it. We are covering migration to Australia as well and if you are coming to the expos in London and Manchester make sure you come and say hello. If you are looking to secure a job offer as part of your move then you really need to come along and see our what our Journey to Work service can offer. We have hundreds of vacancies that need filling!


I know the world is in cup fever and New Zealander are thrilled that the All Whites are over in SA but  don’t forget the  All Blacks start off their campaign tonight against Ireland here in NZ and then we play Wales next weekend. I’m really looking forward to that game as it is held here in Hamilton and we have a very big night planned. Tune in on Sky if you can and see what makes the All Blacks so special in NZ.

Well my travels continue and I’m off to Whangarei on Monday which is in the Northland region of New Zealand and a beautiful part of the country. Keep checking back on my blog as I will be posted regularily from now on and keeping you all updated. Also let me know what you want to hear about and leave some comments for me it would be great to hear from you and also follow me on twitter. I may even keep you updated on the All Blacks score.

Ka Kite (bye for now)

Paul Goddard

What a week

Kia Ora,

my feet haven’t touched the ground this week. There is so much going on here and it is really exciting. We have just added some midweek seminars for our trip to the UK and you will be able to find out exactly what it is like to make the move overseas at these events. I am shooting some video for the website on Wednesday and the family who are staying with us at the moment from the UK are just about to move into their new house here in Hamilton. I am off to see a gig tomorrow night with my son. It’ll be wicked with top NZ band Opshop and the legendary Jordan Luck. Can’t wait. I’m also busy promoting my regular DJ slot at Shenanigans Irish Bar in Hamilton where I play the best music from NZ, Ireland and the UK. Who’d have thought I got made redundant a week ago.

The main thing on my mind at the moment is the UK expos in London and Manchester as I know what it means to the people who attend these events. You want answers, information and insight. Please do come and see me on the working in visas stand and also come along to my seminars. I’ll post the times in the next few days. There are so many different ways to make the move to New Zealand and it is really important that you leave these events with a clear idea of what you need to do next. If you haven’t got tickets yet then just go to www.expo-newzealand.com

It is quite strange having a job that takes me back to the country I chose to leave but I do love what I do and even the flight has become part of the enjoyment (except when someone in front of me reclines their seat grr) Before I moved to New Zealand I worked as a quality engineer (as well as being involved in the music biz) so it is important to me that everything is done correctly. When I can help a family make the move out here and see them do it the best way for them in their situation with the least hassle it makes my job worthwhile. If you are going to do it then do it right first time.

So apart from a long summer and noisy cicadas that keep me awake all night New Zealand is pretty quiet at the moment. No real dramas, no wars to worry about, no credit crunch,no recession. Just work, family and living a life I chose to live.

See you in London and Mad sorry I mean Manchester

Until next time

Ka Kite

Paul Goddard


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