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Snapshot of life in New Zealand in 2013

If you’re wondering what it’s really like to live in Godzone and the closest you’ve got to experiencing it so far is the latest Hobbit film, there is a more reliable way to discover what life really involves in New Zealand.

A recently released document from Statistics New Zealand has painted a portrait of life in NZ – its people, its costs and its economy, with no orcs or trolls in sight.

Let’s see what life in New Zealand in 2013 is really like:

How much will it cost you to live?

Snapshot of life in NZ_prices

How happy are Kiwis?

Snapshot of life in NZ_happiness

How many sheep are there really?

That’s 31.2 million sheep – and 4.4 million people.

Snapshot of life in NZ_livestock

Where are they all living?

Auckland, mainly – there’s 1.5 million people living there.

Snapshot of life in NZ_where living

Keen to know more?

The full report has plenty more information about New Zealand’s economy, average earnings, population and labour force.

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