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Aberdeen and Manchester – did you know?

The Opportunities Overseas Expo UK and Ireland November 2012 roadshow is on the road – we’ve motored through London and Dublin and now we’re heading to Aberdeen and Manchester.

So it seems like the perfect time for a light-hearted look at the cities we’ll be alighting in with some little-known facts.

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  • In the late 19th century, Aberdeen was the British centre for envelope production – which probably explains why the self-seal envelope was developed in Aberdeen.
  • There are over 30 places named Aberdeen throughout the world.
  • Water polo began around 1863 on the River Dee in Aberdeen.


  • Is the city where Rolls met Royce – and a beautiful car was born.
  • The first modern computer was built in Manchester.
  • The atom was first split in Manchester.

Over to you

Feel free to share any facts about Aberdeen or Manchester – impress us with your insider knowledge!

Moving countries? Why should you go to a job expo?

Hi – and hello 2012! Fresh start to a fresh year and, if you’re still serious about moving country, now is the time to put those job hunting plans into action!

If you’re in the UK or Europe, getting a job sorted from the other side of the globe can seem like something for the ‘too hard’ basket but these days, if you can’t go to the employers, the good news is, they can come to you!

Finding a job – the easy way!

Finding a job at the Opportunities Overseas ExpoWorking In is holding its first migration and job expos for the year in London (this weekend, 24-25 March), Aberdeen
(28 March) and Manchester
(31 March-1 April),
and we’ll have dozens of employers flying in from New Zealand, Canada and Australia. The big bonus is that meeting potential employers face to face gives you a huge advantage in the job hunting process, and because you don’t have to leave the country, even better!

Why meet employers in person?

  • You have an unbeatable opportunity to sell your best asset – yourself! – up close and personal.
  • You can tell pretty much straight away if there’s a good fit between you both, and whether or not you’ll fit in with the company culture and philosophy.
  • If you plan your day properly, and do some research on the roles being recruited, you have the advantage of checking out not just one, but hundreds of employment opportunities – all under the same roof!
  • It’s an invaluable opportunity to network and build contacts. Make sure you prepare hard copies of your up-to-date CV to hand out to employers and, if possible, bring along a copy on a memory stick.
  • If it leads to a job or a job offer, then you’ve already smoothed the pathway for your visa application and increased your chances of being accepted.

Do your research on the jobs available!

A word of advice, before you go, save yourself time and do some research on the roles each company is offering. Getting the right match between your work experience and the jobs on offer is vital.

You can see what skills employers are looking to fill by clicking on the company logos on the Canada, NZ  and Australia pages.

Feeling inspired? Then get along and get that job!

BOOK NOW for Opportunities Australia: London, Aberdeen & Manchester
BOOK NOW  for Opportunities Canada: London, Aberdeen & Manchester.
BOOK NOW  for Opportunities New Zealand: London, Aberdeen & Manchester.

See you there!

What a week

Kia Ora,

my feet haven’t touched the ground this week. There is so much going on here and it is really exciting. We have just added some midweek seminars for our trip to the UK and you will be able to find out exactly what it is like to make the move overseas at these events. I am shooting some video for the website on Wednesday and the family who are staying with us at the moment from the UK are just about to move into their new house here in Hamilton. I am off to see a gig tomorrow night with my son. It’ll be wicked with top NZ band Opshop and the legendary Jordan Luck. Can’t wait. I’m also busy promoting my regular DJ slot at Shenanigans Irish Bar in Hamilton where I play the best music from NZ, Ireland and the UK. Who’d have thought I got made redundant a week ago.

The main thing on my mind at the moment is the UK expos in London and Manchester as I know what it means to the people who attend these events. You want answers, information and insight. Please do come and see me on the working in visas stand and also come along to my seminars. I’ll post the times in the next few days. There are so many different ways to make the move to New Zealand and it is really important that you leave these events with a clear idea of what you need to do next. If you haven’t got tickets yet then just go to www.expo-newzealand.com

It is quite strange having a job that takes me back to the country I chose to leave but I do love what I do and even the flight has become part of the enjoyment (except when someone in front of me reclines their seat grr) Before I moved to New Zealand I worked as a quality engineer (as well as being involved in the music biz) so it is important to me that everything is done correctly. When I can help a family make the move out here and see them do it the best way for them in their situation with the least hassle it makes my job worthwhile. If you are going to do it then do it right first time.

So apart from a long summer and noisy cicadas that keep me awake all night New Zealand is pretty quiet at the moment. No real dramas, no wars to worry about, no credit crunch,no recession. Just work, family and living a life I chose to live.

See you in London and Mad sorry I mean Manchester

Until next time

Ka Kite

Paul Goddard


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