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Up to date information

One of the main issues with researching a move to New Zealand or Australia is that a lot of the information you can access is out of date. Most people take at least 12 months to make a move from first researching their options although the move can be made much more quickly than this. Getting information from people who have actually made the move makes good sense but you need to remember the rules that applied during their move and their circumstances will be different to yours making most of the information they can give you irrelevent.
This may seem obvious but the best way to get information is from people who have made the move successfully and know what the up to date information is and how that information applies to your circumstances.
This is exactly the information I am looking to share with you at our seminars and expos in the UK during July 2010.

You know it makes sense

Why spend hundreds of hours surfing the net picking up irrelevant advice. I’m not saying this just to get you to come along and meet me but to point out how damaging bad advice can be and the amount of time and money you can waste.

I met a family at our last expo in Manchester who had already spent 10,000 uk pounds trying to make a move to New Zealand. They had searched the internet and made three trips to NZ to try and secure a Job offer. They had been doing this for over two years and were still no closer to making the move.

If they had been given good information at the start they could have been living in NZ within 6 months of starting their research and this would have been at a fraction of the cost.

OK so if you are serious about wanting to move to New Zealand or Australia I want to meet you in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle or Johanesburg. You will get up to date accurate information that applies to you and could save a lot of money and heartache.

Look forward to seeing you HERE

Paul Goddard

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