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In the news: Australia, New Zealand and Canada

Letters of the alphabet cut out and pinned to a notice boardHave a look at how Australia, New Zealand and Canada have been making the news this week:

Why highly educated immigrant parents choose Canada

For anyone thinking about a move overseas, you might consider the work opportunities or the lifestyle the country offers – this article from the Globe and Mail shows how some parents make the move based on the educational chances offered to their children. Not surprisingly, as this article explains:

“Immigrant students in this country [Canada] outperform their native-born peers.

They post stronger scores on standardized math and science tests and are more likely to go on to postsecondary education. The same does not hold true for immigrants to other countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom.”

Rebuilding Christchurch

More than a year on from the Christchurch earthquake, in which around 60% of the historic city centre was damaged, Christchurch is still working hard to rebuild – even as it’s been rocked by more than 11,200 aftershocks since the very first earthquake struck in September 2010. Watch Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee talk about the challenges of rebuilding Christchurch in the wake of criticism about the slow pace of recovery. See how Christchurch looked in February 2012 with this BBC News article.

Demand for skilled workers grows in Australia

The Clarius Skills Index, released on 3 September, shows that the demand for skilled workers has risen to its highest level in 12 months, with a shortage of 2,300 skilled positions. Additionally, “the index, based on 20 occupations representing 2.6 million skilled Australian workers, found nine occupations were in shortage – an increase from two in the previous quarter”. The most in demand workers were engineers. Read the full article on The Australian.

Flight attendants confess

Anyone considering the long flight across the world to Canada, New Zealand or Australia may be interested to hear flight attendants’ top tips to stop passengers annoying them.

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