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Is the mine life for you?

Reckon you’ve got what it takes to work in the mines? Hays have released some interesting thoughts about who’s most suited to the mining life.

What it takes to succeed in a fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) role, according to Hays:

  • A willingness to work in remote locations
  • An ability to cope with the lack of services while onsite and the distance from family and friends
  • A genuine interest in the industry
  • The right attitude and adherence to compliance and the ability to deal with risk and rigour
  • The ability to commit to a project long-term

The pros and cons of a FIFO role:


  • Personal expenses can be reduced when living on site for extended periods
  • Long periods off can lead to more time at home and with families
  • Stronger sense of community at work
  • Opportunity to pursue other pursuits in time off


  • Long time away from home can impact on family and personal life negatively
  • Rigid work schedules can result in important family occasions or community events being missed
  • A nomadic lifestyle poses challenges to social life and to wellbeing
  • Some onsite facilities don’t provide much privacy with shared rooms and bathrooms

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