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Rugby World Cup Fever

When I first moved to New Zealand I actually knew very little about Rugby. I just didn’t get it. Didn’t understand the rules or how the scoring worked. If you ask me now what the backs do and who is in the All Blacks I can give you a complete breakdown. I wasn’t really into sport in the UK but living over here has changed that for me. Those of you who have been to our expos will have seen me proudly wearing my signed All Blacks shirt and winding up our Australian exhibitors when the All Blacks have beaten them again.

This weekend we will hopefully see a repeat of this when the All Blacks beat Australia in the final of the Tri Nations cup. It’s a massive event when these sides meet but even more important with the Rugby World cup just a few weeks away. It’s the first time the event has been held in New Zealand and the country is all ready in rugby overdrive (some people its fair to say are completely over it)

So why am I talking about Rugby on this emigration blog?

As most of you know we hold expos all over the world for people wanting to emigrate to New Zealand, Australia or Canada and the Rugby in New Zealand is a great opportunity to find out more about what it is like to live here so we have an event in New Zealand for those of you visiting for the games.

We have put on an evening so you can get all the insider info you need and this is going to be held in Auckland near our famous waterside Viaduct on 12th October. You will enjoy a taste of New Zealand culture and food as well as hear from guest celebrity speakers and make some useful business contacts.

Entrance is free and we would love to see you there. Spaces are limited so reserve your spot now by emailing emma.grate@workingin.com (clever eh)

Here is some more useful information for those of you who are making the trip


If you are ever in New Zealand and want to pop into our main office then don’t hesitate. We are in the CBD in Auckland so just email me and I’ll take you out for a coffee and a chat. I’ll tell you great stories about how New Zealand beat Australia in the rugby world cup final and might even talk a bit about your plans for emigrating.

Sorry you can see I’m a bit rugby obsessed at the moment but it is part of life over these side of the world and something I have learned to appreciate which I never would if I’d stayed in the UK.  Emigrating is all about new experiences and nine years into my move I am learning new things every day.

Next blog will be over to Jenny and back onto immigration topics that will interest all of you.  It’s been great getting your comments to our recent blogs and so for a bit of fun take part in our poll below

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